TIPS is a cluster randomised trial that will rigorously evaluate a methodology to improve implementation of complex interventions by addressing the implementation of acute stroke thrombolysis.The lessons gleaned from this evaluation will be relevant to many other aspects of health care delivery in terms of increasing evidence-based practice. If successful, this study will have immediately delivered improved implementation of stroke thrombolysis.

The International Stroke Perfusion Imaging Registry (INSPIRE) has been established to provide a web-based database of imaging and clinical stroke data. The TIPS trial is using this application to upload the stroke imaging data to the TIPS database. The imaging data will not be used for any other purpose.

The overall ownership of the database belongs to the University of Newcastle Stroke Research Program (UNSRP). Erin Kerr is the national coordinator for this Project and is responsible for the daily management of the TIPS database. Erin is the primary contact for TIPS and can be contacted by email or by telephone on +61 2 4921 3514.

The TIPS website and database is hosted by Apollo Medical Imaging Technology Pty Ltd on behalf of UNSRP and the Steering Committee. Technical support contact


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